JUNE 12 - 16TH

It’s finally time for Youth Camp! We cannot wait to spend a week with your students in Sparks, Oklahoma, hanging out, playing games, growing together, and encountering Jesus!

The cost is $235.00 per student, which covers everything except concessions and camp merch.

Drop off and Pick up times and Locations:

Norman Students:
Drop off: Norman Campus at 10:00 am
Pick up: Norman Campus around 12:00 pm

Newcastle Students:
Drop off: Newcastle Campus at 10:00 am
Pick up: Newcastle Campus around 12:00 pm

Chickasha Students:
Drop off: Chickasha Campus at 9:00 am
Pick up: Chickasha Campus around 12:45 pm

Shawnee Students:
Drop off: Shawnee Campus 10:30 am
Pick up: Shawnee Campus around 11:30 am

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]