Chosen Orphan Care Outreach


To see a day where there are more families waiting for children than children waiting for families.


To equip the church body to minister to and provide support for foster, adoptive and biological families.


To implement systems and support teams within the church so that ultimately the Church will be the solution to the orphan crisis.


Current Foster + Adoptive Family

We will be offering a list of support teams you will have direct access to that will fill a variety of needs that go along with being a foster/adoptive family. We will also put together events where you and your children will have the opportunity to get to know other foster and adoptive families at VFC.

Future Foster + Adoptive Family

Through this outreach, the process of becoming a foster and/or adoptive family will be streamlined and made much more convenient for you. We will provide condensed training and certification classes, and we will bring as many as we can here to VFC so you don’t have to go very far. You will also have access to a large group of mentors in our current foster and adoptive families here at VFC, and our support teams will walk alongside you throughout your journey.

Want to Support the Chosen Outreach?

Interested in supporting this outreach by volunteering our time serving on one of the support teams or by giving monetarily? There will be many opportunities to serve our foster and adoptive families. All of our support teams will need volunteers, and some of the teams will also need monetary support. Our outreach will depend on the full support and backing of our generous church family.

Sign up for the care portal

Care Portal sends emails from DHS about the needs of vulnerable children and families in your community.