Volunteer Saturday, May 14th

To sign up to serve, select your campus then click "Sign Up" & you will be redirected to the form.

There are many serving opportunities available. Descriptions for each team are listed in the sign up form. There are two serving sessions to choose from. We encourage volunteers to stay the whole day but it is not required. Volunteers for this event are not required to attend the Get to Know class since this is a one time serving opportunity.

In order for our moms to have some privacy we ask that the male volunteers serve outside on the Valet or Car Detail Teams.

Since we are offering childcare to our single moms we will not able to provide childcare for volunteers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Children ages 10 and up are allowed to serve at this event.

Volunteers will be served a light breakfast before the Volunteer Rally at 9am and lunch will be served at 12:15pm.