Every Christmas season, we come together as a church family to celebrate what God has done over the past year and to dream together of what God can do in the coming year as we share the love and message of Jesus. This year, you can make a difference by doing Christmas differently. Through Jesus Birthday Offering, every dollar you give makes a difference for those in need. While gifts opened on Christmas offer a moment of joy, Your Greatest Gift can offer a joy that is eternal.


100% of everything given to Victory Family Church during Sunday, December 19th, and the Christmas Eve Experiences will be given to the following projects.

World Compassion – Bible Smuggling

In places like Iran, the underground church is in desperate need of the Word of God in their hands. We have helped put Bibles in the hands of 41,000+ people over the last twelve months, bringing the total number of Bibles moved into Iran to over 206,000! Our goal for 2022 is to move an additional 100,000 Bibles into the nation of Iran.

World Compassion – Refugee Relief

In Iraq, we have helped over 200 women move through a sewing and salon skills training program, effectively creating a livelihood for their families. Additionally, 3,833 families received basic medical care, The Gospel message, and an opportunity for prayer through World Compassions’ newly launched medical missions ministry. In 2022, we hope to support almost 500 women and be a part of them adding a welding program to equip the men as well.

Living Water International – Clean Water Project

In 2022 we will continue to partner with Living Water International to help provide clean drinking water in Liberia, Africa. Over the past several years we have been able to impact over 30 communities with both clean water and opportunities to hear The Gospel. This year we will continue to support the rehabilitation projects in the region.

Hope Is Alive – Local Addiction Recovery Program

We are excited to partner with Hope is Alive, a program responsible for millions of months of sobriety, and thousands of lives saved. They redefine the way people get and stay sober. Over 100 residents have put their faith in Jesus and many children have healthy, sober and present parents back in their lives.

Mission of Hope – Haiti Homes

We are building three homes in Titanyen, Haiti, the home community of Mission of Hope. Many of these families that will be receiving homes have been displaced since the major earthquake of 2010! The average family size is six people in a multi-generational family. Each of these homes will have two bedrooms, one bath, plus a living room area and a porch.