South africa

South Africa: JUNE 10 - JUNE 21, 2019



Daily life is a bit of a contrast between city life and also not having basic necessities. The township that Shiloh serves lacks proper bathrooms, running water, and electricity. Not a far walk from things we are used to in Western society, it’s a striking boundary that is drawn between the two.



Homelessness, drugs, and alcohol are issues that paralyze the people here and lead to things like unemployment. Unemployment is a huge issue that impacts the community. Overcrowding in conjunction with the unemployment issue results in elevated crime among the locals.



There are 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. English is a common language that is understood in most locations among teachers and most of the adults you will encounter.



South Africa has been largely evangelized as a result of the European colonization and missionaries. According to a study from 2001, roughly 80% of the population of South Africa is Christian. There are additional indigenous religions that are followed. The African Zion Church has aspects of both Christianity and the indigenous faiths. Witchcraft is practiced by a small group of people. Traditional witch doctors or “Sangomas” are also popular in some areas. They use a combination of witchcraft and/or traditional medicines.


Your time in South Africa will be coordinated in cooperation with a local team of leaders. During your trip, you may help in classrooms, join the after-school program, feeding programs, and be a part of the daily Bible studies. Below is a basic schedule for the week, but we approach this with flexibility because our ultimate focus is on relationships.


Each morning there is time set aside for devotions and quiet time. This is a valuable time and we strongly encourage everyone to spend it with God journaling their thoughts and experiences as the days unfold. Then, each evening there will be a short devotional as a group.


Experience Mission works closely with local leaders to identify work projects and ministry opportunities that address authentic needs within the community. We ask that you come with a servant’s heart and willingness to adapt to the unique qualities represented in each location.

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