With a total population of just 300,000 people, Belize is the most sparsely populated country in Central America and among the least densely populated in the world. Fellow believers and community members in Belize will warm your heart with their dedication and love.

Come along-side a couple who once attended VFC and has since retired to Belize to start their own ministry (Take Me Deeper Ministries) and actively bring the gospel to their community in Corozal, Belize. You will have a wide range of ministry opportunities in this primarily English-speaking country. However, brushing up on your Spanish prior to the trip isn’t a bad idea.

Belize is made up of hundreds of immigrants from neighboring countries—providing a truly unique experience as you serve an eclectic mix of people from Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, and Mayan cultures. You will see small towns, vast jungles and beautiful beaches, all in one week’s time.


Local School Ministry
Take Me Deeper Ministries is currently partnered with two under-privileged schools in their community (St. Paul’s Anglican and Corozal Nazarene Primary Schools). VFC has already supported both schools in the recent past. Both schools have a need for help in the form of manual labor (i.e. cleaning, decorating, painting and construction type work). It’s important to note that school will still be in session when you are there, and both schools will welcome your team coming in during the school day to provide VBS type activities for the students. God and Jesus are always allowed in the schools in Belize.

Manna Project Ministry
Take Me Deeper Ministries works with a team of people who provide a weekly feeding program every Wednesday night for the homeless community in the area. They typically feed 35-40 hungry people each Wednesday. Along with feeding them, there is always opportunity to minister to them and pray with them. There is also an opportunity that you could arrange a special meal while you’re there and also provide blessing bags, containing items such as: toiletries, socks, washcloths, snacks, etc. This will take a bit more logistical work but is a possibility and usually draws a larger crowd.

Church in the Park Ministry

There is a park close by that is a great place for hosting VBS activities for children in the evenings. The church that the couple belongs to (Waves of Faith Belize) has wanted to do a puppet ministry in the park. This is something your team could provide the opportunity for and start/launch for them. In addition, if there are enough musically-inclined team members, they would love to have a concert in the park one evening. This would be a great opportunity to draw a crowd to witness and pray for the community.

Food Basket Ministry
Take Me Deeper Ministries is aware of plenty of families in need of food, and they often do home deliveries of food baskets as a way to show the love of Jesus and minister to the people in their community.

General Manual Labor Ministry
There are plenty of opportunities in the community to assist the elderly and the widowed around their homes. This is usually done in the form of yard clean-up and trimming, as plants grow very well and in such an abundance in Belize. It is suggested that you bring long sleeves and gardening gloves to perform this task.



Initial Application Fee (Due: January 17)$100
90 Days Before Trip (Due: March 11)40% of Total Balance:
Amount Due: $460
Updated Total:$560
75 Days Before Trip (Due: April 9)70% of Total Balance:
Amount Due: $420
Updated Total:$980
30 Days Before Trip (Due May 8)100% of Total Balance:
Amount Due: $420
Updated Total:$1400