CUBA: JULY 20 - JULY 26, 2019


Cuba is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, 90 miles south of key West, Florida. In the early decades of President Fidel Castro’s revolution, Christian churches were suppressed. Most of the pastors left the island. Not many Cuban Christians faithfully attended church during these difficult years, but In the ’80s, after what seemed an eternity of desperate prayer, Cuban Christians suddenly experienced a powerful revival. Attendance in the existing churches exploded, thousands of new churches were formed, and many group leaders and pastors were called into the ministry. Today Cuban Christians still have the church buildings that were established before 1959, and they are turning as many house churches as possible into regular, recognized churches. This is the spiritual environment that mission trip teams step into in Cuba.

Cuba mission trips allow you to see beyond the history books and headlines to a place where the local church is vibrant, passionate and rapidly growing under the rule of an anti-religion, communist government. Step into the real Cuba, interacting with Christians from a wide range of denominations who are part of a thriving house church movement actively meeting needs in their community. Your team will be inspired by local people and challenged to come back home and live out your faith more boldly.

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